Updated on 04.10.12





   When I was a child and I used to follow, even though a bit bored my sister at dog shows, my eyes were shining everytime I looked at those so particular dogs, that seemed to wear chiffon ribbons, floating at every step they take: Afghan Hounds only stepped into my life later, while my adventure as a Golden Retriever breeder had already started.

Itís been such a chance to meet this breed, for sure itís not been an attentively considered choice: the friendship with a person owning some dogs of this breed, allowed me to have a right approach that broke down that reverential shyness that you often feel when your look meets the ones of an Afghan Hound. The great, uncomparable pleasure you feel when you and an Afghan together take steps at the same in the show ring did the rest.

Now my knowledge is deeper, I understood how to respect that gaze that seems to cross myself trying to reach the horizon, and how to live with a dog doesnít want to be treated like a dog, but put on your same level because it wonít tolerate orders but he adequates himself  to your will, only if you know how to convince him that this is the best for it.

Kouros Pensiero Stupendo (Kouros Canto Sospeso x Kouros Hannah), aka Gilda, came into my life in February 2001 and became Italian, International and Club Champion 2005.

Vodka No Ice (CH Alphaville's Twice A Man x Pl.CH Kouros My Way), born at Way Up kennel in May 2003, became Jr Italian Champion, Young San Marino Champion, Top Afghan and Young Club Champion 2004, International and Italian Champion.

Four puppies were born out of their combination: Dietingerís Angel My Love and Dietingerís Asunshinehill have already successfully started their career in the ring.