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My passion and love for animals were definitely born with me, I thinkÖ I was just a child but I clearly remember the canary kennel my father owned in a very very little space in a small apartment located in the historical centre of Turin: he used to study the best matings to obtain the most colourful feathering or the best singers.

In such little space, my sister (11 years older than me) and I were dreaming about having a dog as playmate. This seemed to be impossible for everyone! We didnít have a garden and the public park was ugly with a single, small tree, not even interesting to the birds who brightened the clear spring skies of Turin. We lived on the second floor and we didnít have a lift, no wide balconies where we could even think of keeping a small dogbedÖ But one day, my father (from whom we probably inherited this great passion) came back with a sweet, lovely Dalmatian puppy, even if my mother was not so happy and was totally unprepared about this new thing! I was so little and I canít clearly remember this, but I surely remember the second dog who came to live in our houseÖ his name was Dick and he was a Boxer with a great head and expression put in a not very typical body. (Iím talking about 35 years ago and they didnít have the cynological culture we have today). My father bought him from the petshop in front of where he used to walk everyday before going to work.

He came into our house on tippytoes, very shy and afraid, stealing all our hearts, even my mother's whoTara didnít appreciate too much the pshiness of his predecessor. But when his fearlessness came out he totally seized our lives, sometimes almost forcing us to justify ourselves everytime we had to go out without him, if we wanted him to avoid messes. He wasnít a great representative of the breed but he had a great temperament that allowed us to always bring him with us, teaching us how to appreciate that silent presence that just a dog can give.

The day of his death the sufferance was just so hard to face that we couldnít even think about bringing a new dog at home (Dick was just Dick and he was impossible to replace!), but sometimes one of those books about dogs came out of the shelf and me and my sister started to read it from page to page, looking at standards dreaming about a new puppy. Six months later we bought a Welsh terrier bitch, with pedigree, from a successful kennel who keeps on obtaining great results today. With her we slowly began attending the first dog shows: it wasnít easy at all! You had to know how to show her, how to groom her properly (stripping a dog is not that easy), so results were just few but we learnt another way to behave with a dog.

Dogs weren't just a companion in life anymore, but someone with whom you can work and do activities, more or less agonistic. She lived with us for 12 years and in the meantime I became an adult woman looking for a companion with whom sharing my everyday life as a single girl: I first chose an Irish Setter but when, at the 1998 Int. Show in Milan I walked towards the Golden Retrievers ring, I just got bewitched by this breed, with that elegance and sweetness their eyes can expressÖ a new breed for me. I went home and I did what I suggest to everyone who is looking for a new dog: I read a lot of books about this breed. About one year later, a sweet golden retriever bitch puppy came into my life and she made me fall in love with this breed so much that, just 12 months later, I decided to give her a friend.

Tara & Tiffytwo

Tara and Tiffy, my foundation bitches, taught me how much a golden can be gentle, nice, beautiful and how much their company is satisfying, so that day by day youíll have a symbiotic relationship, understanding each other with just a look. My kennel was then born and is now developing respecting this philosophy: my dogs live in close contact with me, every single moment during the day, not in kennels. I devote all the necessary time for their coat care, physical care, taking them every day for walks in the wood or, if possible to have a swim; I try to pass this passion on  to everyone that comes here and ask me for a new puppy, because my opinion is that if you are truly understood, you are loved.