6 July 2008 World Dog Show Stockholm:


Careless Whispers -

makes the cut among the best ten in a Champion class of about 30 dogs.





nearly 5.000 km in 5 days : I want to thank my travelling companions, Danilo and Serena

for being a pleasant company during the many hours spent in the car and

I want to congratulate them on their dogs' results.


but.... we also relaxed a bit sometimes...






29 June 2008 International Show in San Marino:


Cheap Honesty  -

CAC CACIB BOB  open dog cl.

judge  Kirschbilcher Stefanie   (AU)





28 June 2008 International Show in Orvieto:


Cheap Honesty  -

 CAC  CACIB  BOS   open dog cl.

judge  Rojo Faiardo Antonio   (BR)






22 June 2008 International Show in Lucerna:


Careless Whispers -

 CAC CACIB BOS   Ch. dog cl.



Ecstasy Of Gold  -

RCAC   open bitch cl.

judge  Sandy Lane  (GB)


.... and after two extremely hot show days....




....the well deserved fun !!





21 June 2008 International Show in Lucerna:


Careless Whispers -

 CAC    Ch. dog cl.


Ecstasy Of Gold  -

CAC CACIB BOS     open bitch cl.

judge Rose Mary Wild  (CH)







On 2 June 2008 Whisper in finally home:

after 4 months in Spain gaining

3 CAC 2 CACIB 2 BOB 1RBOG 1 3캛OG e 1 RCAC in just 5 shows,

he's back sharing his daily life with me at home.





... It was a great experience:

here I want to thank Paloma and Antonio (Ria Vela Kennel) for taking such a loving care of my

 Whisper ... MANY MANY THANKS...

I was sure he'd be in great hands with you!!! ....







1 June 2008:

during the night 9 wonderful puppies were born out of

Royal Crest Gold-n Dramaqueen  x  Jr.SM Ch. Infinity Jambo-ree Lovely Venetian Spirit.   

*** Consultate la pagina delle cucciolate per ulteriori informazioni ***






1 June 2008 International Show in Torino:

Cheap Honesty  -

1  Ecc CAC CACIB BOB 3BOG    open dog cl.

... at his debut he showed he didn't want to be outdone by his brother Whisper



Dietinger뭩 Guns And Roses

2  Exc RCAC  RCACIB   open dog cl.

... well done Paola, a little though meaningful result.


Dietinger뭩 Peaches And Cream -

1 VP  junior dog cl.


Dietinger뭩 Master of Puppets -

1 Exc  outh dog cl.

... and there we had two newcomers:  Master and his young handler Andrea, who helps me

taking a lot of care of my dogs ... WELL DONE!!



Ecstasy Of Gold  -  

2  Exc RCAC  open bitch cl.


-  Dietinger뭩 Gypsy뭩 Queen  - 

Exc   open bitch cl.