Laura Dietinger


Regione Benne Bicocca, 3

10060 Scalenghe (TO)


(0039) 011 9861362

(0039) 347 9579326




...How to reach us in the 'old way'...  


STEP 1: May you drive from Torino, Milano, Piacenza or Savona, drive through the South Highway of Torino leave it and

follow the connecting road Torino-Pinerolo.


STEP 2: When you're driving through the connecting road Torino-Pinerolo, exit at None and turn right at the firelight, direction Pinerolo. After a boring level crossing, at the roundabout go right, dir. Pinerolo.

You are now in Airasca, driving left through an avenue surrounded by trees.

At the next roundabout turn left towards Cercenasco and Scalenghe.


STEP 3: you drive to Scalenghe through the small village Pieve  (first firelight). Once in Scalenghe,

in the town centre you'll find the second firelight. Turn right, direction Pinerolo-Piscina.


STEP 4: you're getting there! Drive through road SP146 until you find two small direction signs on your left towards

Regione Benne and Regione Ospeale. Turn left and go straight on to the group of houses on your right.

Don't stop at the first white house and street on the right. At the second street, after the last house, turn on the right.

We're. there - the only house on the left side of the street, ring Moioli - Dietinger.